Apartment GR, in Campanar




Partial reform of a house, in a multi-family building

130 m2

On this occasion, we find a house located next to a large avenue in the city. In the original state, we find a very compartmentalized apartment, with dark spaces that could not be related to each other. So Gonzalo and his family came to us in search of a partial reform to achieve modern, spacious and bright rooms with touches of color.

The main objective was to create a large area for the social area, so as a first instance it was necessary to remove all the partitions that initially segmented the kitchen, living room and dining room. In this way, upon entering the apartment, a diaphanous and bright space opens that encompasses the day area.

The kitchen encompasses the space where it was originally located; however, it is resolved through an “L” -shaped distribution, which allows this space to be related to the dining room and living room. In addition, it leads to an island where there is a cooking area, a breakfast area and next to it, the dining room. All this is proposed as an area that is capable of being integrated into an existing terrace, in such a way that on a sunny day our clients can open the space to the terrace and interact with the outside.

As it is a partial reform, the original flooring is largely maintained, however, in the kitchen the flooring and the kitchen front are covered with an ivory microcement. This is how this space is handled with neutral tones between white and gray, so to generate a greater contrast we gave it a brushstroke of color in the kitchen, highlighting the coffee area and a column with a mustard yellow color, thus giving it a special touch to this room.

Next to the entrance of the house there is a reception furniture, which has the function of a closet and shoe remover; Obviously this is an area that has become essential in recent times and that provides greater comfort to users.

In addition, we carry out interventions in the two bathrooms of the house, maintaining their original distribution, but giving them a modern touch through the finishes. It was decided to cover both the walls and the floor with a pearl gray microcement, a resistant and durable material. It harmonizes perfectly with the gold faucets and olive green furniture in the suite bathroom, as well as the white faucets and ocean blue furniture in the guest bathroom.

As we mentioned, our clients had in mind spaces with colored surfaces. So for their bedroom they chose to cover the headboard of the bed in an ultramarine blue color, which contrasts with the walnut wood of the floor and the white of the cabinets and walls.

In this way we have combined different textures, colors and materials in this apartment.


Design Proposal.

Previous condition to remodelling.

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