Lulat, in Pla del Remei




Adaptation of facilities for commercial purpose.


Exclusivity, design and functionality are the adjectives with which to define this project, with LULAT, under the guidelines of the BrandSummit team, we were presented with a very personalized challenge in its brand, so it was necessary to represent its identity in every detail.






In the center of Valencia, in the heart of Plaza Cánovas, we found a place already destined for the hotel industry but with an interior design and distribution that was not very functional and that did not represent the true essence of this new healthy and artisanal ice cream brand. Therefore, based on the principles of novelty, design, subtlety and naturalness, each part of this project emerged.

Eliminating uncomfortable nooks and crannies in the previous layout was the key to the design, giving it a more linear, spacious and fresh appearance where, by arranging a large linear bar, we obtain a first room as a layout that leads you to the largest room, getting routes simple, clean and functional.

In the design, without losing the essence of the LULAT brand, an attempt has been made to maintain the architectural tradition of the area, exposing the characteristic facing brick that forms the party walls of the city that, through the play of warm colors that bring life to the local has been able to perfectly integrate tradition with novelty and exclusivity.

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