Apartment MM, in Ruzafa




Comprehensive reform apartment, in a multi-family building

68 m2

In this case, it is a client residing in France, who chose to acquire a second home in Valencia. This apartment located in the Ruzafa neighborhood needed a comprehensive reform, since we found old materials, a very segmented distribution and with deteriorated spaces that did not reflect the taste of our client.

For this reason, it was decided to make a new distribution of the entire space according to the client’s needs. In this way, the spatial configuration is resolved on one side by means of a large open space destined for a day area, naturally illuminated thanks to its large windows that open up to the balconies. In this space there is a large kitchen, dining room and an area for the living room. While on the other hand there is the night area with a bedroom suite with its own bathroom, which are naturally illuminated and ventilated.

The space is resolved in white tones, in order to accentuate this feeling of luminosity and great space. So when entering the house as a first impression you have the impression of a monochrome space that contrasts with a floor finished with wood, placed throughout the apartment. However, the kitchen breaks this monotony by means of a “black angola” coating on the front of the bench. This harmonizes perfectly with the matte golden tone of the faucet, resulting in an exquisite interplay of materials, tones and textures.

The kitchen is fully integrated into the open space through its “L” -shaped distribution, which covers all the customer’s needs. Thus, having from an area destined for the reservation of wines, to furniture with ample storage spaces, for which the great height of the house was used. Storage space in the kitchen never hurts!

One aspect to highlight within this space is the versatility of its cabinets. At first glance, the living room furniture may seem like a normal wardrobe, however, in this a folding bed is hidden for when our client has visitors. Likewise, in the bedroom you can find an “L” closet with multiple functions. A built-in piece of furniture to one side, while on the other front there is a tall cabinet over the bed and a desk with its shelf that contrast with the wood-finished paneling of the headboard.

Design Proposal.

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Previous condition to remodelling.

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