Apartment CJ, in Grao de Valencia



Grao de Valencia

comprehensive housing reform, in a multi-family building


For this project it was essential to design a new project for a house dating from 1967, a flat that was completely empty without any previous reforms, requiring a full face wash. Our clients, a young couple who had just acquired their first home, needed a cozy space that highlighted a simple and practical design, where the functional solutions would enhance the sense of spaciousness.

According to the aesthetic preferences of our customers and very faithful to their functional requirements, we designed a clean, bright and cozy space, with minimalist lines, combining a pastel color palette, white as the main protagonist and wood finishes.

Our main objective was to provide the space with amplitude and luminosity, which was achieved by eliminating unnecessary partitions, but we also took special care of technical and indirect lighting, accentuating the warm light at key points, such as the corridor, office or kitchen.

The choice of colors played an important role throughout the project, which combines wood in the flooring, laminated with water-repellent base, and furniture in white lacquered wood, playing with the kitchen in the paneled area and black hob, giving special prominence to the side wall in green, a color that contributes, serenity, harmony and confidence. Bringing a chic nordic air to the entire space.

In the kitchen, where the work surface and storage are prioritized, we created a large peninsula that plays host to the main room. Saving a small bar with stools for breakfast times and quick snacks. Also designed spacious cabinets producing a clean and careful atmosphere.

We created a second bathroom, since the original house only had one. Now both spaces breathe comfort and neatness, combining stone, gray and white tones.
Thus, by playing with key elements in space, we achieve the harmony we were looking for; even with a limited budget; the home that our clients deserve.

State previous to the reform.

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Design Proposal.

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