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Ciutat Vella

Adaptation of facilities for commercial purpose.


4 weeks

Completely transforming an old warehouse to make it the new space of our Brandsummit friends has been our last challenge. Its new offices should be a reflection of its creative and vital essence, so it was necessary to project a design with a lot of character. The premises required an adaptation to their functional needs and a design that would breathe their business concept: technological, young and professional.
The objective? Change everything to get a “100% Brandsummit” atmosphere. We needed to provide the space of warmth and personality. Creating a diaphanous and bright space. Functional spaces where the ergonomics of the work spaces will be taken care of without leaving aside the fun, achieving a space of strength and vitality.


Maintaining the interior distribution, the noble materials are the protagonists with a clean design with industrial touches that combine perfectly. Vinyl parquet; with great resistance to moisture; Wood, iron, marble and hydraulic mosaic coexist in the different spaces, pavements, lamps and custom design furniture.
To enhance the brightness and spaciousness of the room, we select white with attention points in intense colors. Fully communicated areas to promote communication and the development of daily work.
At the entrance two characteristic elements stand out, a three-seater sofa in intense mustard color and a villar table. The perfect ideal of this company is completed with the careful decoration of its offices. Who would not like to work at Brandsummit?
This is one of the projects where prior planning is essential to successfully meet all the deadlines and budgets forecasts. After 4 weeks, the young team opened offices!

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Design proposal.

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