Shoe Store Mais, in Catarroja

Mais Calzado & Complementos



Adaptation of facilities for commercial purpose.

95 m2

2 months

Today image is everything for a business, as clients’ interest depends on it.  On this occasion, we bring you the full remodelling of an old technical office that our friends, Estefanía & Javier, decided to become a new shoe store.

Estefanía dreamt of fulfil her personal dreams and one of her passions. They got this commercial local in Catarroja and contacted us to make this dream true, where we were responsible even for corporative image.

The project spinned around creating a fresh & live space, transforming it in a modern, bright and useful place, obviously following current regulation for a remodelling of a commercial of such features.

Given all these reasons, we planned a project related to the concept of footwear. The idea was creating a modern atmosphere that breathes sophistication, with matte white & pink tailor-made furnitures fit harmoniously, adding personality to the space. Also, the golden colour in the logo, textiles and olive wooden flooring end up adding extra identity.

This remodelling required getting rid of existing partition walls to create a new distribution for sales area and storage and management rooms. It was also needed to remove the whole original floor in order to repare the ground and common elements. As for equipment, the place was supplied with an excelent air conditioning and CCTV system.

In order to enlarge public visibility, we designed a wide window display with porcelain lacquer in dark stone colours. Finally, a golden sign following the corporate image was installed.

This was definitely a successful result for the successful owners. We woud like to thank Estefanía, our favourite entrepreneur from Catarroja, for relying on us and leave her dreams in our hands.

Images from the design proposal.

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