Creative Studio, in El Carmen



El Carmen

Adaptation of facilities for commercial purpose.

60 m2

3 weeks

Owner and friend, the young entrepeneur David Baldoví, turned to us to design his new project, the new headquarters of Brandsummit located in El Carmen neighbourhood, in Valencia.

He had some clear premises for these offices, with a modern style, smart storage system and innovative lines to make the most of this place.

To remodel Brandsummit’s headquarters we set up a distribution that would fit perfectly to the real needs. This was, creating a kind of attic, a large workshop area.

With a modern, fresh and renewed style as a whole, we tried to create an open space divided in two floors, with no partition walls, combined with decorative items such a huge modular mustard yellow sofa that gives the space some colour and warmth.

With a minimalist and modern style, white and glass walls turned into the perfect background for the furniture, in charge of introducing colour, and third elements, which add volume and make ourselves focus on the place itself.

Working area is located uptairs, with its own independent toilet and a small kitchen.

New electrical systems were fully installed to set up internet and phone connection in every seat. Also, we adjusted the right lighting points already existing and air conditioning system for this new office.

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