Attic ER, in Massanassa




Adaptation of flat in multi-family building.

140 m2

1,5 months

The objective for this project of interior design in the flat of our friends Eva & Raúl was simply clear: adapting this flat recently acquired to the new family needs.

Facing the possibility of successfully carrying out the remodelling was a great relief for this family, because, even though the original floor was big enough, the arrival of 2 new kids made clear the lack of room.

For this new attic, we aimed to get an exclusive design, with every single detail, functional and comfortable.

The first goal was transforming the terrace to make it part of the flat itself, and we turn it into one new bedroom. And we even have some more room to build a practical washing room, in fact one very useful for this family.

Colours would be really important in this new concept of home, as well as enviabe light and spaciousness. The styles combination achieved with different colours on the walls turned out to be quite interesting, noticeable both by the pureness of lines & design and neutral & classic items as decoration.

This project demanded a careful selection of furnitures, among which stand out some classic style warm pieces. We decided to mix different styles, materials and colours. A decoration enriched by a considered and balanced contrast that runs the whole flat. The success of this project is due mostly and without a doubt to the use of natural light as main resource as well as integrating the outsides, now conceived as an extension of the indoors: living room and dining room that even allow to enjoy life outdoors.

The final result is an elegant space with predominance of classic lines to enjoy the comfort every moment requires.

This way, without big changes in the original distribution, a new space was born with a new personality, a comfortable and practical home.

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