Architecture Studio, in Ruzafa

Sanahuja & Partners



Adaptation of facilities for commercial purpose.

215 m2

4 months

On this occasion, we are pleased to introduce the new headquearters of Sanahuja&Partners in Valencia. The chosen location is a ground floor property located in central neighbourhood of Ruzafa, heart of cultural & artistic boost of the city.

Objetive: a project of attractive design, with the concept of simplicity and efficiency at the space which is definitely achieved.

The new space offers enough room for cultural activities & architectural research, willing to open and communicate with other related fields such as interior design, industrial design, landscaping, etc.

Interior floor is left to office facilities, divided by a small half-way coutyard and connected by a wood piece that works as a hallway and discreetly leads to the toilet. Monitoring seats remain distributed along the ground floor, being shared as well with the projects & sketch area and a meeting room. Up in the loft there is a large and versatil work space, with its own library and documentation center for teambuilding sessions, projects presentations, research and brainstorming areas. The place is completed with a small apartment facing another green coutyard.

Using these coutyards as spotlights and air circulation fits perfectly with environmental conditions given our climatic situation, enhancing therefore power efficiency of the space and making the most of its natural resources.

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