Apartment SP, in Arrancapins




Full remodelling of apartment in multi-family building.

100 m2

2,5 meses

We take a look into this project thanks to our client’s trust, Salvador. This one is a 1890s living flat, located in Arrancapins neighbourhood, in Valencia city.

From the first stage, we had a clear objective: to keep this old home’s essence. The new allocation of the space was a key factor to get a more comfortable place and feeling spaciousness. This meant a whole transformation that would create a modern, bright and welcoming place.

We designed a whole new space to be lived and enjoyed, with classic-modern style, clean and straight lines where all elements gain special prominence. In order to get that, we used a color wheel inspired in dark stone grey with some green hints and combined with sand tones. It all makes the space contemporary and cosmopolitan.

We made it to add a touch of modernism in an old house, meanwhile we had in mind the challenge of keeping its original essence, preserving architectural elements, moulding, high ceiling, etc.

We bet on fold-away doors in a backward-looking style, lacqued in the same RAL colour standar as the wall to integrate space, except for the bathrooms, where we decided to add a sliding system to optimize space.

To not belittling interior design, we chose laminate flooring with such visual impact on decoration. This was a right choice that prevented colour saturation in the place.

Its new design was key to provide visual unity to the new atmospheres: night and daily areas, this last one open to a larger room with a working area on one side and kitchen and dining room on the other. This way make the light involve every room and becomes the main subject, creating warm environments and open spaces.

This ends up being an apartment that keeps its former essence while the inside brights more than ever before.

Previous condition to remodelling.

Reforma integral Juan Llorens
Reforma integral Juan Llorens
Reforma integral Juan Llorens
Reforma integral Juan Llorens
Reforma integral Juan Llorens
Reforma integral Juan Llorens
Reforma integral Juan Llorens
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