AG Apartment, in Ruzafa




Comprehensive housing reform, in a multi-family building

85 m2

On this occasion, this house can be found located in one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods of Valencia, where the client created the challenge of converting this old, very compartmentalized and dark house, into a modern, bright and spacious home.

The solution was clear, it needed a radical change in the distribution of rooms to achieve a wider and more luminous space, with the goal of creating a large and bright day area while offering an overview of the living room-dining room-kitchen which were previously independent, therefore it was essential to eliminate all the partitions that divided it.

The main objective was to create a large, open and bright day area which also offered an overview of the living-dining room-kitchen, previously independent, for which eliminating all the dividing walls was essential.

This space overlooks the terrace, placing four large windows that act only as a separation to open it and enjoy the sunny days as another extension of the house. Taking advantage of this way one of the strengths of this house, which is natural light.

Regarding the bathrooms, since with the new distribution the house enjoys two complete bathrooms, we choose to cover them in a salmon color microcement, a modern, resistant and durable material, creating the sensation of a blank canvas on which to create a unique space.

The kitchen although maintaining its space and dimensions, is completely integrated into the space. In this room we opt for the neutrality of gray and white bench colors, offering both work and storage surfaces.

Wood is the undeniable protagonist of this project, both the lacquered finishes as well as the floating floors with a water-repellent base, allowing it to also be able to be installed in wet areas which makes it a common thread throughout every project.

We wanted a bright and spacious result, but also warm and with character.

State prior to the reform.

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Design proposal.

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