Apartament JM, in Alfafar




Comprehensive housing reform, in a multi-family building


The need to get a modern and welcoming interior design for this apartment in Alfafar was our main priority. This investment from our client should be squeezed as much as possible according to the budget for a full remodelling. This apartment is planned to be rented afterwards. So, making some few but necessary changes on relocation, we should give this space a new and fresh air.

The designed large daily area, of 30m2 aprox., offered a warm and sophisticated space, with minimalist style. Kitchen, living room and dining room share the same space, an open and clear area, due to natural light coming from the outside, pale colours on the walls and anthracite grey colour for the kitchen designed as a cubicle.

The floor was replaced for porcelain simulating large scale wood, bleached, combined with baseboard and walls in white, which help to focus on the rest of items.

The kitchen had a flat and minimalist design, with all appliances integrated. A rear board highlights because of symmetry of lines and cosmopolitan design in anthracite colours, flanked by a central isle, covered with “Silestone”synthetic quartz.

Finally, we designed a practical and elegant bathroom, following same style of previous pale colours.

Previous condition to remodelling.

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