Apartment BA, in Benicalap




Comprehensive reform apartment, in a multi-family building

98 m2


This house needed a comprehensive reform to achieve the result that Blanca and her family were looking for, a more spacious, bright and comfortable space. This apartment has a unique shape, so in its original state we find irregular spaces, a very segmented spatial distribution, rooms without a defined use, with old coatings and finishes.


From the beginning the idea was to “clean” the space of unnecessary divisions, which definitely marked a before and after. Resulting in a fully integrated social area, with a large space for the living room, dining room and kitchen in an “L” shape and with an island for breakfast. This entire area has great lighting and natural ventilation thanks to its multiple windows.

In the design of this space you can see the trends of this year applied: boutique-style bathrooms with functional spaces where details such as lighting and large mirrors prevail. Likewise, the trend of the kitchen as a central area of ​​the home and family life, designed in white tones.

Inside the space you can find different details that give a special touch to the house. As is the case of a niche in the corridor, which has overhead lighting through a led strip that creates a diffuse light. Other details of subtle lighting can be found in the bathrooms, where darks are generated in the false ceiling to similarly generate diffuse lighting towards the sink area.

The interior spaces are resolved in white tones to create a feeling of greater space and light. However, certain carpentry details such as the kitchen cabinet, the entrance hall and the niche coating, which are resolved with a Taupe finish. This creates a harmonious match with the tone of the wooden floor covering.

Design Proposal.



Previous condition to remodelling.




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