Apartment RG, in Extramurs




Comprehensive reform apartment, in a multi-family building


This house located in an area very close to the city center needed a comprehensive reform, due to its deteriorated state and its very traditional finishes. Rafa and Germán came to us in search of an apartment that can be used for short-term rental, with modern finishes, bright, with large spaces where comfort and functionality prevail.


Within the conception of the project the main idea arises of dividing the space into two zones. On the one hand, the day area, made up of the living room, dining room and kitchen, all this as a large open space facing the main facade of the building. While on the other hand there is a private area, composed of a study, a bedroom suite with its respective bathroom, in this room comfort and convenience prevail.

The kitchen was designed according to the requirements of our clients, so it is divided into two work benches with a large storage capacity.

On the one hand, a bench is intended for the scrubbing and cooking area and on the other hand a bench as an island, as an area for food and interaction of family members, posing the kitchen as the heart of the apartment.

Within the day area, the vaulted ceiling with its wooden beams is preserved, after maintenance and a new coating in white tones, resulting in a synergy between the new and the old. Likewise, we decided to preserve a solid brick wall on the inside of the main facade, giving a special touch to every interior space that is resolved in white tones and that contrast with the pavement with wood finishes throughout the house, giving as resulting in an exquisite color combination.

Large windows naturally illuminate the diaphanous space of the social area, which in turn is also artificially illuminated by a led strip placed in a continuous cladding, in this way a detail is obtained for indirect lighting that provides an air of elegance and sobriety to the interior space. This lighting through led strips can also be found on the bathroom walls.

Other great details found inside are niches that function as shelves both in the living room and in the toilets next to the sinks.

Design Proposal.

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Previous condition to remodelling.

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