Apartment EJ, in Mestalla




Adaptation of flat in multi-family building.

95 m2

2 weeks

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to figure out a new space when what we see is quite the opposite to what we wish. Our clients Edel & Jose Manuel needed to change the style and of this guest bathroom.

We definitely made it here. We designed a custom-made guest bathroom, prioritizing comfort and the clients’ needs.

The shower, with gum floor and built-in plumbing fittings, is the main piece here. With its avant-garde design, pure lines, crafted output, it stands out for a large shower sprayer and Profiltek brand glass screen.

As for the toilet itself, it is hung up with a built-in Meridian model tank, hidden system for watering of Geberit brand. This way you get the idea the feeling of cleanliness, apart from being practial for the daily use.

Acoording to the actual needs, we chose PVC joinery in black, with thermal breakage, an indispensable system to guarantee and ideal thermal isolation and soundproof.

We covered both vertical & horizontal wall surfaces with large scale tiles and we added a custom-made piece of furniture lacquered in the same RAL colour as tiles.

Last but not least, a relevant issue we paid thorough attention to was lighting. So regarding this, we added some Vulcano from Onok led lighting embeddable models to get a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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