Apartment AR, in Campanar




Adaptation of flat in multi-family building.

90 m2

2 months

There was a clear objective with this project: finding the way to make light enter this apartment in Campanar neighbourhood, Valencia.

Its owners, Roge y Anais, were very concerned about noise, so we focused on soundproofing to offer this nice couple as much comfort and rest as possible.

At last, with the arrival of little Marc to the family, they needed to adjust one of the existing rooms for the baby.

Looking for a clean and vital atmosphere, we visualized this apartment with a warm interior design, creating perfectly connected spaces while keeping independence between them in a simple and elegant way.

To soundproof, we used double glazing windows with intermediate air space & sheeting of a wall with isolating plasterboard, in order to get a quiet and comfortable home, a calm atmosphere, focused on resting and family life.

One of the strengths of this project was relocating the rest rooms. We added a large lateral wardrobe to gain room in the main bathroom.

For flooring, we chose frozen white marble porcelain ceramic of 80×80 size to create the feeling of spaciousness, combined with wengue coloured floors.

Mixing natural oak wooden flooring, white in the background, natural materials and also white colour in the furnitures, the apartment achieved a sweet environment reminding a Northern-minimalist style.

The outcome was simply a success and the family was delighted with their new home.

This was a remodelling with its own style, that transmits warmth and clearity in its perfect lines.

Conoce más de este proyecto viendo el antes y después de la reforma.

Previous condition to remodelling.

reforma parcial Campanar
reforma parcial Campanar
reforma parcial Campanar
reforma parcial Campanar
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