Jacobo Molina

Project Manager

After finishing his Studies as Architectural Technician in UPV, (increased afterwards with a Master’s Degree in Building Management), he started his professinal career being part of important local and national building companies. It was after several years in charge of projects, both in private and public field, when he decided to make a move forward and fulfill his dream.

“…I undertand project as an extension of the owners. I believe in simplicity, purity and customization. Every project is the union between the personality of each client and our ‘know how’, creating unique and custom-made atmospheres. I try to simplify the use of elements in every project, making the day as practical as possible. I know how important little details are, good light, the right corner where being able to relax and connect with yourself… I understand materials as objects that make you feel, that affect both touch and sight, waking up emotions without even noticing…”

His definition for a perfect interior design, “simple, practical and elegante”.

His secret is no other than managing a great team of professionals specialised in different fields. Experts that bring know how and passion to every project.



Arquitectural technician

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Industrial engineering



Technical staff



Technical staff



Electrical fitter

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Plumbing fitter

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