La Redona Restaurant, in San Francesc

La Redona Restaurant



Adaptation of facilities for commercial purpose.


The Redona, founded in 1983 and located next to the old town, in the emblematic Plaza Redonda in Valencia, right in the historic center; It is undoubtedly one of the restaurants with more roots and tradition in the city. The challenge was to highlight a brand concept. We had to conceive one of the restaurants with more roots and tradition.

The project of remodeling and decoration, has wanted to enhance original elements of the restaurant through color and lighting, as well as reflecting a space that combines tradition and avant-garde.

The original structure and coverings have been kept to the maximum in order not to break the essence and atmosphere of yesteryear, such as the caravista of some walls and the cast iron column found during the demolition of the work. In addition, they have been respected and enhanced, through the lighting, of the tiles of hydraulic tile.

One of the essential requirements of this project was to get the comfort of the chef and his team, as well as that of the clients who visit the restaurant. In this way it was achieved that the restaurant in addition to being beautiful is functional. The use of restaurant furniture, under a uniform appearance, differentiates the areas of use.

Also the game with two types of pavement, a mosaic of geometric shapes and an imitation wood porcelain, helps to create this atmosphere of diversity and disorder that transmits the vitality and spontaneity of the Redona’s free spirit.

The lighting, very white to imitate daylight, plays with the combination of dirigible technical bulbs and decorative light points that endow the restaurant with its own character.

Images from the design proposal.



Previous condition to remodelling.

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