Remodeling MA, in Bétera




Remodelling of a single family in between dividing walls.

150 m2

4 months

This time we are glad to introduce a remodelling project of a house in Bétera, in collaboration with renowned arquitecture studio Sanahuja & Partners.

The owners wanted to keep the house’s essence as it all had such sentimental value due to familiar links.

Also, according to their hobbies, Antonio y Manuela needed to have some studio space where being able to unleash their imagination.

This project included the remodelling of a historical house, flanked by two other external structures. In an environmental protected enclave, in El Calvario area, we were forced to maintain the existing structure.

We focused on the insides then, on rebuilding the backyard and the storage-garage, making the most of its spaciousness for our clients to enjoy.

On the other side, this restoration included consolidating the main structure, rebuilding the roof, replacing all systems and improving soundproofing and thermal isolation. That is why, regarding glass panes, we decided to use high quality joinery by Valencian manufacturer Cabañero, with thermal breaks to get the most soundproof and thermal isolation.

Halfway between rustic style and clear inside, we used traditional materials that match wood with white and decorative porcelain. Flooring has been made out of natural oak wood of three moulds to provide visual unity.

Such project shows the possibility of finding a balance between minimalism and warmth, two concepts usually seen as opposite. This is the pefect mix of traditional architecture and contemporary design.

Working with Sanahuja & Partners’ team has been, without a trace of doubt, quite a genuine success.

Previous condition to remodelling.

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