Attic RJ, in Catarroja




Adaptation of flat home, in multi-family building.

85 m2

3 weeks

This young couple from Catarroja relied on our firm to remodel the inside of their home. 85 square meters to be renewed and turned into a true home.

Warmth, harmony and functionality were the main goals to reach with this project. The interior design of this place was completely updated, which gave the space a whole new identity where natural lighting had a crucial role.

The old design took up the space and the original colours diminished warmth. So, just by changing painting and furnitures we got the ideal atmosphere to the new place, beside a great design which provided more light and made the place look larger.

Allocation of uses remained the same: next to the windows, living room, interior areas and dining room.

When choosing furniture and decorating, the owners’ need were especially taken into account as well as the own spaces’ needs. This time, sizes, materials and colors needed to be modified to create a daily atmosphere that breathes life itself and shines with its own light.

The marble floor was polished and the skirting board replaced. Just with some of this few details, we got to completely transform the reality of this home. Chosen tonality was mainly pale for walls, ceiling and new doors. Beside a new artificial lighting system was added to increase the natural light.

Former design of the bedroom stood out itself before the project even started. It definitely needed to have more light to fit in the new apartment. Initial furnitures were kept but remodelled with paler colors such as the new walls printing and using different clothes to create a different style.

But doubtlessly the most special part of this apartment was its balcony. Completely different to any other traditional outside room, it has become the green paradise of this home. Its warmth and freshness, along with its functional design, they make the most of all its features.

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Previous condition to remodelling.

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