Apartment SA, in La Raiosa



La Raiosa

Full remodelling of flat in multi-family building.

110 m2

2,5 months

On this occasion we introdue a full remodelling for our friends Amadeo & Sandra’s home, a young couple from la Raiosa neighbourhood.

With the intention of getting married and raising a family, they wanted to refurbish this family property of 110 m2, a space with high sentimental value as this was the childhood home of our client Sandra.

In love with the neighbourhood, they bet on a drastic change for their home, where they especially needed to have some more spaciousness in the common areas and gain storage room.

This project demanded a full remodelling in order to get a space fit to live in, bright, comfortable and useful for this couple. The key points: light and connection.

Willing to gain flexibility, we strenghthened connection between uses and spaces, including a former small sitting room to the new dining room, with a free-flowing relocation where communication comes first.

Trying to create simple atmosphere, we removed stuccoed walls and designed smooth white walls and ceilings that bring light to every corner.

This time we created an independent kitchen with leading access to the living-dining room, white furnishing including handles, integrated household appliances and hood and filters. to have the best extraction. Apart from this, we decided to make some room to incorporate the washing area.

Wood is the lead feature of this interior design, and it helps the place breathe comfort itself. We added synthetic wooden flooring with with realistic skirting board. Straight lines and pale colours with a nordic style add a minimalist touch & warm and elegant atmosphere, which reflects the owners’ identity.

A simple home indeed, but with quite a lot of style.

Previous condition to remodelling.

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