Apartment LA, in Gran Vía



Gran Vía

Full remodelling of a flat in a multi-family building.

100 m2

3 months

On this occasion, we introduce a project of whole remodelling in a flat located at Joaquín Costa St, in Valencia. Our friends Lis and Alberto bought this new property and wanted to adjust it along with their two children to their needs.

The main objective of the living is creating two separated spaces, a daily area with several subtly linked spaces and another one for night rest

With a whole remodelling of this home, we got to adapt a space of an early XX Century building to the needs of curren life. The goal was getting a modern and ellegant style for the house; attracting attention on little treasures of the past still present at the place, which was at least 3,5 metres height with frames.

The daily area faces the outside, creating a unique living room & kitchen meanwhile the bedrooms area located beside a rear coutyard to avoit street noise.

The space is connected alltogether with high furniture along the hallway which organises the access way to the bathroom and bedrooms.

This house is soundproof and thermal protected and some default brick panes have been left visible on purpose to apply an industrial style. This brick walls were recovered with lime mortar to not affect hygroscopicity of traditional materials and therefore creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

Kitchen furniture is adjusted to any need, and all comes lacquered in white to have atemporal furnitures devoided of any kitchen-like style.

As characteristic feature, we designed a tall table made out of Silestone in white quartz together with several black bar stools.

The kitchen combines latest trends with the functionality our clients had in mind, with a touch of freshness and even romanticism. It highlights itself beacuse of a natural finish, faceside bricks, pure shapes, white furniture and hydraulic floor tile, which altogether provides a unique style.

Previous condition to remodelling.



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