Apartment JA, in La Malvarrosa



La Malvarrosa

Full remodelling of a flat in multi-family building.

100 m2

2,5 months

Such positive energy is exactly what this flat by La Malvarrosa Beach, in Valencia, gave us. A familiar inheritance, a project for the owners, eager to start a new life in a common place that would reflect their identity as a couple.

The objective was creating a fresh summer place, with wide spaces and sea views.

After several proposals, we finally decided to create a wide daily space formed by the living-dining room, with the leading role of this house.

We found a place with many small spaces but badly illuminated. Our biggest challenge in this project was creating a completely different place to the current one.

From the very beginning, our goal was getting a house with rooms as large as possible and well illuminated. That is the reason why some partition walls were modified.

We used PVC with thermal bridging for the outsides, and DM board lacquered in white for the indoor, including doors and wardrobes, providing a warm and elegante atmosphere.

The kitchen is the main character of the project, a small room of this beautiful apartment. This time, anyone can appreciate a similar designed kitchen, with oak laminated wood and stainless steel appliances.

Another interesting element was the children bathroom, where we used a mixed combination to get a fun atmosphere.

We would like to thank this couple for trusting us in this project, where they have found their dreamt home.

Previsou condition to remodelling.

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