Apartment AG, in Camins al Grao



Camins al Grao

Comprehensive housing reform, in a multi-family building

80 m2

This house needed a complete update to get a more bright and spacious space, which reconciled the comfort and functionality that our customers required. This is a young couple, who after the initial investment for the purchase of the home, had a tight budget to get their ideal home.

They sought to improve the characteristics of the home, renovate existing facilities and give it a current air, by taking advantage of natural light and open spaces, and for us it became a new challenge, where to fit the needs of the client, with a Very tight budget.

The intervention focuses on creating a single room for the kitchen, the living room and the dining room that is turned over a terrace that looks out over the street.

The day area opens to the main facade of the building, generating a continuous and bounded space for the furniture elements. The night area opens onto the inner courtyard of the block. Between them, the wet core illuminated by the inner courtyard is included.

The white tones of the walls and the gray of the kitchen bench combine perfectly with continuous flooring wood throughout the house.

Design a kitchen fully adapted to the needs of our customers. Being a young couple, we decided to convert the classic dining table, into a high table, on the peninsula, which at the same time fulfills the function of articulating the step towards the rest of the room.

We wanted a bright and spacious result, but also Warm and with character.

State previous to the reform.



Proposal Design.

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