Apartment VR, in Ruzafa




Comprehensive reform apartment, in a multi-family building


In this project, our client presented us with several needs for his home, which had a highly segmented distribution due to the partition walls present, forming a non-functional space. In addition, most of the existing furniture in the living room was made up of plastered brick, something that greatly hindered the possible distribution variants.



The main intervention focused on the living room and kitchen area, where a connected space was created where the table in the dining area articulates said space, later we found a raised space that works as a terrace integrated into the living room, leaving clearly differentiated from the rest of the house due to its microcement finish. This is where one of the main requirements of this young family arises; the creation of a second bathroom, since the only one in the house at that time was in this area, being an inconvenience for the bedroom area.

This second bathroom arises to serve the main bedroom, where changing the use of two rooms located next to the main bedroom, a dressing area is generated and we fulfill this long-awaited requirement.

This ‘semi-terrace’ also has the peculiarity of having a folding window, with which we achieve a connection with the outside space.

Another characteristic that makes the project special is the fact of maintaining the hydraulic mosaic of the existing pavement, in this way we get the character of old Valencia, so deeply rooted in this neighborhood, to last.

Previous condition to remodelling.

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